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2017-04-04 11:13:22
To Build or to Buy

To Build or to Buy

The way the market is headed, there are a lot less home options for buyers to choose from. There is a big decision you must make when looking for a home in the market today, should I try to get a one of the few pre-existing homes available, or build a new one? There are pros and cons to both options, which is worth it?

Building a home can be exasperating.  You might be limited on the design options to choose from depending on your budget, and you can easily go over budget if you aren't careful. Building also takes more time. Depending on the builder you may need to find temporary housing for a few months, and even if you have a set date, building is never set in stone and plans can always change. In addition, building can be risky with the legal fraction. The agreement between you and the builder might limit your rights if something goes wrong and you need to take things to court. The contracts are long and complicated, it is important to read each section carefully to know what you are getting into. Although building has its risks, it also comes with several rewards. You get to make the home how you want it from the very beginning. You get to choose the design options and get to make the home all your own. And everything is NEW! If that isn't exciting I don't know what is! Not only are the beautiful living parts of the home new, so is the electrical throughout the home, air conditioning unit, furnace,  etc. Having all major appliances be new, along with the warranty that new construction comes with, can really put your mind at ease. Finally, with a new home, entertaining is almost guaranteed since nearly all new homes having an open floor plan. There is lots of space to host parties and have guests feel comfortable in your new sanctuary. 

Buying a built home can also be stressful, but not as stressful as building in many cases. Since the home has been in the neighborhood for some time, you can get to know the area and make friends with your neighbors. It is also easier to visualize living there because you have already seen the potential of the home. You may have to get used to the odd little things you don't love about the home, or spend the money updating and changing those things, but that is not always a bad thing. That can give you a great opportunity to flip the home. Make it look nearly brand new, and sell it for more than you paid and make a nice profit. 

In the end, the decision completely lies with you. Is it worth the complications of building? Or is it better to buy a home that has been lived in. Whatever your decision, if you have questions or need any real estate help, contact our team of fully qualified agents. 

Rob Adams



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