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2017-03-23 14:07:42
3 Things a Home Buyer Should Know

3 Things a Home Buyer Should Know Before Entering the Market

3 Things you need to know when looking for a new home. First, home inventory in Utah is at a 12 year low. This is because we have had a lot of people move to Utah recently, it is the nations fastest growing state. Utah's population increased 2.03% from July 2015 to July 2016. Therefor, there aren't a lot of options out there when it comes to looking for your dream home. Second, sellers are getting full priced offers and above. Because of the low inventory, you really have to want the home in order to attain it and make it yours. If you aren't willing to go full price or above, chances are you won't be getting the home. Third and final thing you need know before entering the market is you should have a game plan with your realtor. Whether you are going to be looking at homes below your price range so you can put in a competitive offer, or look at homes at the top of your price range and hope for the best. These are good things to discuss with your realtor about what your best options are. If you need help coming up with a game plan or with any other real estate concerns, give our team a call. 

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