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2016-06-13 12:18:21
Manufactured Homes

June 13, 2016

Manufactured Homes

One of our listings is a manufactured home, and they can be a bit of a struggle. If you are getting a loan to purchase a home and it is Manufactured, it will need to have a HUD plate somewhere on the property. A HUD plate has important information and history of the home such as; Manufacturer's Name, Trade/Model Name, Year of Manufacture, Serial Number, HUD Construction Code Label(s) Numbers, or HUD Construction Zones. Our listing is a great home in Utah County and has been under contract a few times, but we have had some hurdles to push through regarding the HUD plate. We had to order a new plate through the Institute for Building Technology and Safety because we couldn't find the plate on the home. This information takes about 5-10 business days. This was quite a challenge to put a pause on the transaction for this information to come, but we were really lucky to have an amazing seller and buyer who had great patience. We also have a remarkable lender who worked very hard to get everything for us as fast as they could. It helps to have a great team to make sure that we can overcome the
obstacle and help the transaction go smoothly. We finally received the information we needed and the transaction is back on track. Our sellers are so excited to move and are ecstatic that everything is moving forward.

For the longest time I didn't know the difference between Manufactured and Modular. Modular homes are homes assembled at the building site. Modular homes are built to either local or state building codes as opposed to manufactured homes (sometimes still erroneously referred to as mobile homes) which are also built in a factory but are governed by a federal building code. If you are selling your home or buying a new one, make sure you know if it is a manufactured home. If it is make sure you know where the plate is, if you don't it can make the transaction fairly difficult.

I have learned a lot of do's and don'ts regarding manufactured homes:  


                                              Do's                                                                                                  Don'ts 

          1.  Do make sure the HUD plate is on the home                                          1. Don't paint over or cover your HUD plate

           2. Do any needed repairs that you can see                                                  2. Don't remove or manipulate any manufactured

           3. Do a Title background check                                                                               tags or information on the home

            4. Do contact the lender representing the purchaser                                    3. Don't hide information about the house from 

            5. Do hire a professional real estate agent to                                                           your real estate professional
                                          sell your house                                                             4. Don't neglect the up keep on your home

                                                                                                                              5. Don't freak out or give up!

Ordering the HUD plate before the home is on the market can save a lot of time and headache, and if you order it yourself it is in your control instead of being in a third party's control. If you do the repairs you know will need to be done, it saves time and increases the value of your home in the eyes of the buyer. Doing a Title background check verifies whether the home is a manufactured or modular and confirms if there are any leans on the property or not. Contacting the lender representing the purchaser keeps you in the know of how the transaction is going, and if there is anything you can do to help. There are a lot of things to know when buying and selling property. When  you don't do it everyday you won't know the best actions to take. Our team is still learning new things, but it is best to put all the stress on a professional real estate agent who knows the rules and can help through it all. 
Don't paint over or cover the HUD plate because then it can be extremely difficult to find or to read the information it provides. there is other information inside the home that could be valuable. There is usually a sheet inside a cupboard or a panel that you never want to tamper with. You never want to hide information about the house from your real estate agent because as a seller you don't want the be the reason your house can't sell and you don't want something to come up later that you knew about and you didn't disclose. 
Don't neglect the up keep on your home, the value of your home can skyrocket if you just keep up with all the little things. Never freak out or Give Up! Selling a home is stressful, even if it a smooth transactions. If you know that going in to it, it can be a little easier to manage. Freaking out only makes it worse and doesn't help. If you start the process it is worth going through till the end. You are selling your house for a reason, and it is worth it to push through to meet your goals. 
Rob and Annie and our team have had many experiences selling manufactured homes. We have got some systems in place to make your transaction as smooth as possible. For more information or if you have any questions please log into our website and send us a message. adamsfamilyrealty.com
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